22inx18in | print on canvas |2003

Horizonte is born from delicate moments of inspection and introspection. Simple changes in a color transfer function or a tap of the mouse changing the view point, alters the image completely. These are fragile moments of art found in a scientific space. Moments that in most cases go unnoticed, and are often lost. As lit pixel images, or as magnetic imprints on a disk surface, they have but a limited life.

This work stands on its own, as abstract art, in spite of its origin.

Horizonte is a piece extracted from a simulation of a shockwave hitting a solid wedge-like object. The angle of infraction creates internal pressure waves, which concentrate around the objects surface folds. Intuitively this image confronts the user with a receding surface with clear turbulence to it. This surface seems to break or fold with second surface on a brighter white path, as if it was a horizon line. This in fact is the main shockwave moving across the object. The image thus offers two stark contrasts. One is the changing visual depth of the image, while the second one is the conflicting duality between a perception as a peaceful panorama versus the less obvious pictorial of a violent shock. These contrasts have the ability of moving a viewer back and forth from serene to unbalanced or weary.

Custom UI software using Gtk utilizing the VolumePro Volume Rendering Hardware by Santiago V. Lombeyda.

"Expressive Maps"

3x 160in x 14in | high-res giclee on vellum | 2013

Expressive Maps is an artistic representation at a large scale of something microscopic. In spite of it being a printed piece, it displays the dynamism of an extremely complex system. It is a three piece snapshot of something quite large, of something of such grand importance and repercussion. But also of something truly small -- something that even if physically it could be 'stretched out' to a meaningful size, it is actually physically contained in a minimal space: inside the nucleus of living cells. Expressive Maps attempts to be awe-inspiring, enlightening, and thought provoking.

Custom plotting software implemented in Python and Processing by Santiago V. Lombeyda. Data courtesy of Wold Lab. Original geveVu tool developed in collaboration with Katherine Fisher-Aylor, Wold Lab.


24in x 48in | polybanner print | 2008

Emergence: Imbalace is a continuous spiral line, jumping paint edges, depicted using series of algorithmically pre-rendered 3d spheres. This artwork presents a carefully crafted, mathematically based, drawn spiral, using a continuous sequence of individually rendered spheres. The artwork also presents the duality between order and chaos. It allows the viewers emotional and intellectual perception to focus on the mathematically generated spiral line, or to rather focus on the mania of the space as a whole.

Custom software based sphere rendering software by Santiago V Lombeyda.

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Cell Dynamics Simulation Viewer

bio-ivview was designed as a straight forward viewer/player for results from MCell, a simulation environment for realistic subcellular signaling. Based on OpenInventor (cOIn), if offers simple VCR controls to play and jump around the simulation frames. OpenInventor allows for simple but powerful lighting OpenGL environment, which coupled with simple camera setup, allows for easy movie generation and fly-throughs.

Custom software built on top of cOIn's SceneViewer and SoQt (Qt based) and deployment across platforms by Santiago V. Lombeyda.

Web Embeddable Data Viewer

iVu was designed and implemented as a JavaScript/HTML5 package which allows users to embed passive dashboards or data viewers connected to a live data source, within a web page. However, when the pointer interacts with the active zone of the viewer, a dynamic viewer is revealed. Local view options are revealed; such as variables, color, glyph size and shape, and even 2d vs 3d plot options; as well as global variables common to all plots in the current page; such as data source, and interactive data selection.

Furthermore, in iVu, we explored the concept of recording the discovery process as a session, which can the be viewed as a script, edited, and shared; thus allowing researchers to collaborate in a discover process, or share particular results, or even just as a way of ensuring common points of view to the same data.

Custom package based on Javascript and HTML5 technologies by Santiago V. Lombeyda

Almost-Realtime Earthquake Visualization

shakemovie (both global and southern California versions) were designed to present the public with near real time visualizations of recent significant seismic events. Simulations are made to match actual real-time data from seismic stations, and then movies are generated.

Custom rendering software, portal, and automatic notification mechanism by Santiago V. Lombeyda.

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